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Content: Leviticus sets down regulations to preserve the spiritual, moral and physical purity of the people. Instructions are provided on how to live holy lives through sacrifice and worship. Also discussed are the 5 major offerings: 1) burnt offering, 2) grain offering, 3) fellowship offering, 4) sin offering and 5) guilt offering. Other concerns of Leviticus include: Aaron’s role as priest; laws for the priesthood; cleanliness; the Day of Atonement; laws to regulate holiness in all of life; and the appointed feasts of the Lord.

Background: The third book of the Pentateuch, Leviticus, is a continuation of the story in the book of Exodus. The book begins with Israel having completed construction of the tabernacle. This handbook of instructions for the priests is given during Israel’s one-year encampment at Mount Sinai.

Date Written: Between 1450 and 1400 B.C. 

Author: Moses