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Oxford Baptist Church
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Pastor Rudy Allen (Pastor since Aug. 2005)

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CONTENT: The book of Joshua is primarily the history of Joshua’s leadership of Israel. Under divine guidance, Joshua engages in 3 strategic, military operations using brilliant divide-and conquer tactics, insuring victory over the enemy armies in Canaan. God’s miraculous interventions, including the crossing of the Jordan River and the conquest of Jericho, prove to Israel that God is aiding their efforts. The division of the promised land among the tribes of Israel and their subsequent settlement in the new land take place. Finally, Joshua exhorts the people before his death to renew their covenant and to devote themselves to serve and love God wholeheartedly.

Background: Joshua is almost stoned to death by his own people (Numbers 14:6-10) nearly 40 years before the book of Joshua begins...because out of 12 spies to Canaan only he and Caleb determine to obey God’s directions to conquer the land. Because of their unbelief to accept God’s covenant, the children of Israel spend 40 years in the desert. But now Joshua, Moses’ successor, is preparing to lead the Israelites from the desert in their conquest of the promised land.

Date Written: Between 1410 and 1350 B.C. 

Author: Joshua