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Oxford Baptist Church
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Pastor Rudy Allen (Pastor since Aug. 2005)

  Note from the Pastor:


CONTENT: The life of King David dominates the book of 2 Samuel. First, David rules over Judah for about 7 years. Then, his kingship is recognized by a unified Israel over which he reigns for 33 years. During this transition the capital is changed from Hebron to Jerusalem, where the ark of the covenant is located. David’s military victories expand the borders of the promised land as his triumphs bring the nation to the very zenith of her power. David’s triumphs quickly turn to tragedy in the middle of his reign, however when his lust toward Bathsheba ultimately leads to adultery and the murder of her husband, Uriah (chapter 11). The prophet Nathan rebukes David for his sins, and David earnestly repents and is restored to God. But the price of sin still has to be paid: his son Absalom’s revolt, civil war and unrest in the nation. Although the fame and glory of David has now diminished, never to be the same again, God still blesses...for to David and Bathsheba is born Solomon, who will succeed David as king and become part of the royal ancestry of Jesus Christ.

BACKGROUND: 2 Samuel is a sequel to the book of 1 Samuel. This narrative of the life of David continues with his being crowned king of Israel at the death of Saul. 2 Samuel covers the majority of David’s 40-year reign in Hebron and Jerusalem. (Saul also reigned 40 years.) 1 and 2 Samuel consist of one book in the Hebrew Bible since they cover the continuous story of 3 main characters: Samuel, Saul and David.

DATE WRITTEN: Probably between 1010 and 931 B.C. However, the book was not put into its final form until some years later, possibly between 930 and 722 B.C.

AUTHOR:  Unknown (possibly Gad and Nathan).