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  Note from the Pastor:


“1 KINGS” 

CONTENT: 1 Kings describes Solomon’s reign, wealth and wisdom. The golden age of Solomon is highlighted with construction of the temple. After his death there is division in the kingdom with his son Rehoboam ruling over Judah (southern kingdom) and Jeroboam ruling over Israel (northern kingdom). The capital of Judah at this time is Jerusalem, and the capital of Israel is Samaria. This divided situation continues for over 300 years with each nation having its own king. The book ends recounting the miracles and ministry of the prophet Elijah, especially in contrast to Israel’s most wicked king, Ahab.

BACKGROUND: This sequel to 1 and 2 Samuel begins by tracing Solomon’s rise to kingship after the death of David. The story begins in a united kingdom, but ends in a nation divided into 2 kingdoms, known as Judah and Israel. 1 and 2 Kings together consist of one book in the Hebrew Bible.

DATE WRITTEN: Between 640 and 550 B.C. (compiled from earlier sources).

AUTHOR: Unknown (possibly Jeremiah).