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  Note from the Pastor:


CONTENT: There are 2 distinct sections of this book. First, the royal lineage from Adam to David is given. Then, the righteous reign of David is discussed. Chronicles evaluates David's achievements and his religious guidance of he nation as he seeks God's leadership. David's trials, sins and failures are de-emphasized in Chronicles since the covenant relationshp beween God and the people to the focus here. 1 Chronicles ends with the death of David and the succession of his son Solomon to the throne.

BACKGROUND:  The last book of the Hebrew Bible has been broken down into 1 & 2 Chronicles in modern translations. The Chronicles are different in perspective from the books of Samuel and Kings, even though they cover much of the same material. Instead of prophetic, moral and political views, the Chronicles are presented from a priest's point of view, evaluating the nation's religious history

DATE WRITTEN: Between 450 and 400 B.C. (compiled from earlier sources).

AUTHOR: Unknown (possibly Ezra).