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Oxford Baptist Church
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Pastor Rudy Allen (Pastor since Aug. 2005)

  Note from the Pastor:


CONTENT: A number of years have passed since the law was given at Mount Sinai to the parents of these Israelites. But that generation has since died in the desert (except Caleb and Joshua), and this new generation needs to learn how to develop a proper relationship with God. Thus, 3 farewell sermons to Israel are given by the 120 year old Moses just prior to his death, and the appointment of Joshua as Moses’ successor takes place. These addresses challenge the people to live their future in faith and obedience as they review their past.


Background: The Pentateuch concludes with this fifth and final book of Moses. Deuteronomy begins at the end of Israel’s 40 year period in the desert when the new generation is preparing to enter the promised land (Canaan).


Date Written: Between 1410 and 1395 B.C. 

Author: Moses